What we’ll cover
  1. Place your screen/(screens) at eye level
  2. Check your keyboard and mouse
  3. How long do you spend on the phone?
  4. Adjust your chair
  5. Get up
  6. Practice good posture

Top tips to fix your desk and work posture

top tips to set up your desk

Are you reading this article on your laptop? Staring at this article on your tablet device.  How is your posture?  Does your neck or upper back get achey?

If you are sitting for long periods of time, stress and strain is placed through muscles, joints and ligaments of the spine.  Correct ergonomics and workstation set up has been proven to significantly reduce musculoskeletal injuries associated with poor posture.

Follow our top tips to set up your work station and fix your posture today.

Place your screen/(screens) at eye level

No doubt, you’ve read or heard multiple times to place your screen at eye level.  Placing the screen at eye level encourages a natural and neutral head posture.  Try dividing the screen up into “vertical thirds”.  Your eyes should be level between the top and middle third.

If using two monitors, place them side by side with no gaps.  If you use both monitors equally, you should be centered squarely between the two of them.

Your screen should be roughly arms length from your body to prevent eye strain.

Check your keyboard and mouse

Your keyboard and mouse should be placed keeping your elbows by your side and at 90 degrees or less.  This will ensure your arms are relaxed and not place extra strain through your neck.  Wrist and forearms should rest lightly on the desk.

How long do you spend on the phone?

Consider using a headset or speaker phone where possible.  This allows your hands to be kept free to continue typing or take notes.  Your phone should be within arms reach of your seat to ensure you do not get the habit of sliding forward on the chair.

Adjust your chair

Your chair should be adjustable.  Ensure that you sit back in the chair with your low back and shoulder blades firmly supported.  If your chair doesn’t have sufficient support, consider purchasing a lumbar roll.

Feet should be flat at all times and ensure there is a three finger gap between the back of your knees and the chair.

Just like a building, a good foundation set up by your chair and foot position provides a sustainable and ideal posture.

Get up

Regardless of your ergonomic set up, try and move every 30 minutes.  If you can walk around the office great.  Otherwise, regularly getting up into a standing position from sitting is a great way to minimise the ill effects of sitting.  Deliberately try to get up to collect printing or make a cup of tea.

Practice good posture

Implementing these changes into your workplace is great starting point.  Be sure to continue these good habits and posture on a daily basis.

Physiotherapists are able to thoroughly assess your posture and work station set up.  If your work station is contributing to poor posture, Malvern East Physiotherapy has a range of ergonomic services suitable for home offices through to large corporations.  Call us today or book online to organise a postural assessment or desk set up to help you keep active and injury free!

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Last week we were fortunate enough to head back to uni and refresh our anatomy knowledge at @latrobeuni in the anatomy labs. 

Thank you to the Latrobe School of Physiotherapy for inviting us! Last week our team celebrated another great year. 

Whilst Melbourne’s weather had its own plans, we were still determined to keep with the theme of ‘Italian Summer’. We let our hair down to master the art of mixology 🍸🍹followed by an Italian feast. Friday morning Run Club with the team. Practicing what we preach!

Staying stronger, healthier and happier. This time last week, our team was nervously completing their final preparations for @melbmara . 

Congratulations to our physiotherapists and ME community who ran on the day.

Dilen and Michael completed their first marathons. Abbey and Lizzie smashed out their first half. Last Sunday, our team headed down to see our own Matt Warren win a premiership in the VAFA Premier Men’s Competition. Last week our team dedicated a full day to professional development and team building. At ME Physio we pride ourselves on collaboration to put you at the centre of everything we do. 

Our team covered the latest treatments for back pain, financial well-being and finished off the day with salsa dancing. 

Many thanks to our guests including James Schomburgk from @the2ndvisitphysio , Financial Planners Tony Vikram & Cameron Bishop and the @salsafoundation At ME Physio, our focus is on helping you get stronger so that you can keep doing the things you love.

For Tony and Joan, healthier and stronger is being able to navigate the iconic Coast to Coast Walk in the UK! We recently had the pleasure of hosting Elise Bujor from Women’s & Men’s Health Physiotherapy to discuss women’s health issues across the lifespan. 

Our team pride themselves on staying up to date to ensure you’re able to stay healthier, happier and stronger. Huge milestones over the past few weeks with both Tom and Jude from @delasallefc doing their first bit of running in their rehab. 

Tom is on the return from an ankle dislocation whilst Jude is putting in the hard work following a knee reconstruction. Last week our team enjoyed some friendly rivalry at the footy. 

With finals around the corner, some of our team can now safely make holidays plans for September. We recently had the pleasure of hosting the podiatry team from @sespodiatry. 

Our physiotherapists Michael and Abbey presented on rehabilitation following Achilles surgical repair and ankle surgery. Last weekend some of our team got together to complete the 10 km run @runmelbourne. There was no finish line picture as some were keen to run another 15 km!

Whilst running wasn’t for some - brunch was well received by everyone.

You Deserve to Feel Good.

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